how do people fall for someone and that person loves them back and they get together and they’re both in love like how the fuck does that happen

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For me, acting is about the art of it and it’s about being on a film set and doing your thing, painting a blank canvas.

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"We’re not a pop band and it feels really like a pop video, the whole scenario is not really what we’re about….it needs to be back and white for a start."

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This is honestly amazing. I love this so much.




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"I would have loved a character like Rae on TV when I was growing up. Someone who doesn’t fit in a box, yet has friends who like her for her. Yes, she’s funny, but she’s also very smart and quick. And she struggles, but she shows us that it’s OK to struggle. I don’t think in 25 years I have seen someone on telly go, ‘You know what? It’s OK not to be OK all the time’. It shows you don’t have to live your life a certain way or look a certain way to have a great life."

Sharon Rooney by David Vintiner for The Independent Magazine

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